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AirAsia Flight Attendant Has Had Enough, Makes PSA on Toilet Etiquette



AirAsia Flight Attendant Teaches Everyone The Toilet Etiquette on an Aeroplane - WORLD OF BUZZ 2
Source: Instagram @amirchewill
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Toilets (lavatories) on aeroplanes typically remind us of a small and limited space to do our business. If we’re flying short-distance, we’re most probably not going to use the toilets. 

Five days ago, an AirAsia flight attendant, Amir, did a PSA on his Instagram account (@amirchewill) guiding everyone on aeroplane lavatory etiquette. At this point, you might be wondering why would anyone need to be taught to use a toilet. Sadly, there are many people who are selfish enough to only care about themselves, leaving the toilet dirty and uncomfortable for the next user.

In Amir’s series of tips, he highlighted ways to let everyone enjoy the toilet on the plane, because many may not know what to do with themselves in a toilet they’re not really familiar with.

Starting off the series of tips with the sink, he pointed out that the napkin tray is for us to dry our hands after washing. Amir said that the hand towels should be disposed into the bin, instead of leaving the clumps of paper hanging on top of the bin flap because other people will follow the incorrect and messy way.

Understanding how some people may be grossed out by the idea of touching the bin flap, he taught us to take a few more pieces of hand towels and wipe the bin flap before pushing everything into the bin. Amir had also reminded us to bring hand sanitiser onboard so we can use it after going to the lavatory.

Moving on to the toilet bowl, he exclaimed that whatever business (including vomit) we do should go into the toilet bowl and not onto the floor or sink. Amir also added that if we’re grossed out to press the flush button, we can always use a piece of toilet paper to cover our hand. It is basic manners to flush everything down and not let the next user suffer because of you!

Parents or guardians are also reminded to use the changing table in the lavatory to change the baby’s diaper. It is definitely not recommended to use the tray table (at your seat) to do so as it is used for food. In order to not stink up the entire toilet, Amir reminds parents to request a small plastic bag from the cabin crew to “tapau” the soiled diapers.

In the end, Amir suggested us to get our “business no. 2” done at the airport for better comfort. If it’s absolutely unbearable, we can always ask for a cup of water to wash our butts since there isn’t any bidet in the lavatory. And last but not least, if the toilet is too stinky, it’s okay to request the cabin crew to spray air freshener.

These tips may sound really basic, but believe it or not, people tend to forget because we don’t use plane lavatories often. Kudos to Amir for the useful PSA so that we can all enjoy clean and comfortable lavatories onboard.


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AirAsia Flight Attendant Teaches Everyone The Toilet Etiquette on an Aeroplane - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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