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AES Camera Found Vandalised and Its Electronic Components Stolen!



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Source: Malaysia Response Team
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Just a few months ago, 7 brand new Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras were installed along the North-South Expressway (PLUS).

Source: Paultan

The objective of installing these AES cameras is to catch those people who are driving over the speed limit. Moreover, these cameras are often strategically installed in areas where accidents often happen.

However, on September 10, one of the cameras located at KM151.4 around Tangkak area was found to be vandalised!

According to Berita Harian, not only was the camera damaged, it was also toppled and its components were stolen. We wonder who did this and why?! 

Tangkak Police Head, Superintendent Mohad Idris Samsuri told the press that the PLUS authorities only noticed the broken camera at about 9.35am when they realised it wasn’t working anymore.

“A PLUS patrol car who was on duty to patrol from Ayer Keroh, Malacca to Pagoh, Johor was dispatched to the location.

“When they arrived at the location at about 9.50am, they found that the pole of the AES was toppled and they believe it was done with malicious intent.”

Besides being uprooted, the authorities’ investigation revealed that some of the electronic components in the camera, which were used to record the wrongdoers, were also missing.

The police are unsure of the exact time of the incident but are certain that it took place between the evening of September 9 and the early hours of September 10.

“The police are inspecting the incident thoroughly. This case is being investigated under the Penal Code of Section 427 due to malicious intent.

“Those found guilty under this charge can be jailed up to 5 years, be fined, or both.”

So, no matter how upset you are over having to pay a fine, it does not mean that you can break the law further by vandalising public property.

Some netizens applauded the person behind this for ‘saving the community’ but law breakers should never be encouraged. These cameras are ultimately built for the safety of the citizens and they cost thousands of tax payers’ money.

Remember to be considerate of others ya. 🙂


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