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8yo M’sian Boy Shares How His Classmate Asked to Play ‘Rogol-Rogol’ in School



8yo M'sian Boy Shares How His Classmate Asked to Play 'Rogol-Rogol' in School - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Malay Mail & Facebook
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It is very worrying what our kids are exposed to in school these days. Recently, a mother experienced a scary revelation when her eight-year-old son complained to her that he was asked by a classmate to go to the toilet and play a game of “pretend rape” or rogol-rogol. This “playful” invitation is already worrying on its own but the classmate was also a rather forceful one at that.

Through a posting by a concerned Malaysian on social media, a transcript of the conversation between a worried mother (Mama) and the eight-year-old son (Abang) was shared to warn other parents of this issue.

Oleh kerana saya tidak boleh kongsikan video yang dirakam, disini saya sediakan transkrip supaya anda tahu apa yang…

Posted by Zeeda Aziz on Thursday, August 16, 2018

Abang: “He pulled me to the toilet at the back, which is the female toilet. He asked me to play rogol-rogol with him.”

Mama: “Play rogol-rogol? What does that mean?”

Abang: “He pulled me and asked me to follow him. He said he wanted to pee. But I told him I just wanted to wash my face.”

Mama: “Then?”

Abang: “Then I told him off. I told him that I will tell my mother.”

Mama: “Is there other students who did this? Did he do it to anyone else?”

Abang: “He only asked me to do it. But I have a friend named A, he asked the other boys to play rogol-rogol as well. There is this boy, he ‘raped’ my friend and both of them are in my class.”

Mama: “Tomorrow I will see your class teacher.”

Abang: “There’s no need for that! I have already told the teacher but the teacher did not do anything at all. I told Cikgu E…all the teachers, I told Ustaz M, Cikgu N and then Cikgu F, who punished him the other day. Mama, please go to school and see the boy.”

Mama: “I will go and see him tomorrow.”

It is a sad and scary fact that some of the eight-year-olds in the country are no longer playing games like normal kids. Instead, they are resorting to inappropriate activities, even in school.

Luckily, the mother in this case has managed to educate her child about rights and wrongs and to protect himself from any type of sexual harassment. The mother said that parents should not be ashamed of explaining to their children about these kinds of things.

She told other parents, “If we can teach our kids how to cross the street properly, then we can also educate them about sex and the dangers of sexual crimes, instead of hoping that the kids will learn on their own.”

This 8-Year-Old Was Asked To Play 'Rogol-Rogol' In School - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Facebook

Teachers should also take proactive steps if they detect such cases happening in the school in order to tackle the problem before it becomes a major one.

As parents, if you feel like there is nothing wrong with your child, think again. Peer influence can be very devastating and stronger than the parents’ influence on the child. So, please teach them about the dangers early on before they are taught by external parties who only have inappropriate thoughts in their minds.

Take note, parents!


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This 8-Year-Old Was Asked To Play 'Rogol-Rogol' In School - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

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