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8 Incredible Breakfast Ideas For Valentines



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A way into a man’s heart is through his stomach”, and I couldn’t agree more. Valentines is coming and here are some awesome ways to really WOW your partner.


1. Heart shaped french toast


Who doesn’t love french toast? Transform your usual bread slice into heart shaped ones and add Nutella and strawberries to make it fancy!

2. Heart shaped eggs


3. Rose strawberries

rose strawberries

Nothing says valentines like roses. Instead of giving your loved one something that slowly wilts away as time passes, make them this edible “flower”!


4. Carved banana peels


Carve a sweet message onto the peel, and leave it to oxidize, the message will magically appear! Disclaimer: meant to be eaten only.


5. Pink chocolate


You can do wonders with red dye. Whip up a chocolate drink and slowly drip your dye drop by drop until it turn into the colour you intend it to be. Top it off with whip cream and spinkles!


6. Red velvet pancakes

red pancake

DIdn’t I mention how awesome red dye is? After mixing your pancake batter, drip some dye in it until it’s the colour you want it to be and viola! A cute variation to your usual pancake. If you want to make it perfect, make some cream cheese topping to go with the pancake.


7. Egg centered toast


OHMYGAWD? Yeah, i heard that.


8. Bacon


Fancy something more savoury? What else better than some juicy, chewy bacon. Unff.


Rocket WOBLike us on Facebook for great stories daily!