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7yo Girl May Lose Her Sight After 3 Boys Bullied Her By Stuffing Paper Scraps Into Her Eye



7yo Girl May Lose Her Sight After 3 Boys Bullied Her By Stuffing Paper Scraps Into Her Eye - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Sin Chew Daily & Sin Chew Daily
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School bullying isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Often occurring to young victims, the trauma they leave behind as well as the potential physical injuries may last until adulthood. 

As it turns out, this one unlucky girl may wind up suffering from both after falling victim to a horrific case of bullying, as reported by Sin Chew Daily

The seven-year-old girl from Henan, China was said to have been bullied by three boys for quite some time. While normal cases of name-calling or alienation may not be unheard of, the boys took things a step further and a step too far. 

While two boys held her down by her arms and her legs, the third boy would then rip up a page from his homework. With the small shreds of paper in hand, he would then cruelly shove each piece of small paper into the girl’s eyes, pushing it under her eyelids. 

Earlier on 28th September 2019, the little girl’s mother started noticing that there were many small pieces of paper that were caught in her daughter’s eyes. Only after questioning her daughter did she realise that the little girl had been constantly bullied by her classmates. 

After taking her to hospitals in Zhengzhou and Beijing, doctors have all said that they have never encountered a case like this one, and have so far removed over a dozen of these small pieces of paper from the girl’s eyes. The procedure had almost become a daily occurrence that the girl was forced to endure. 

What’s worse is that doctors say they have no idea as to how many pieces of paper still remain in the girl’s eye, and said that her vision has been severely reduced as a result. They cannot say whether the girl’s sight would deteriorate further. 

Most ridiculously, the headmaster of the little girl’s school apparently said “These are children who are only 7 or 8 years old. They have no bad intentions. They were just having fun.”

We hope that the little girl would be able to recover from her injuries, and that the boys involved in her bullying are held accountable for their actions! 


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