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72yo Taxi Driver Falls Unconscious, Causes Fatal Accident After His Liver Ruptures WHILE Driving



72yo Taxi Driver Falls Unconscious, Causes Fatal Accident After His Liver Ruptures WHILE Driving - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: STOMP & Straits Times
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A 72-year-old Singaporean taxi driver who caused a fatal road accident back in March this year just discovered that he had a tumour in his liver!

He reportedly fell unconscious when the tumour ruptured WHILE he was driving. As a result, he rammed into three pedestrians who were crossing the road at a traffic light on Jalan Bukit Merah.

One of the pedestrians who is known as Madam Tng Yew Huay, passed away from a head injury after being rushed to the National University Hospital (NUH) at around 9.20pm during the time of the incident.

Fortunately, the other pedestrians survived. The taxi driver, known as Mr. How, was also taken to NUH for a physical assessment which revealed his ruptured tumour. Further medical examination uncovered that he had hepatocellular  carcinoma, a cancer of the liver.

Source: BMJ Journals

Mr. How said he didn’t feel sick or tired when he started driving his taxi at around 6.30pm. He even made sure he was fully rested before he started his shift.

After picking up three passengers at a Bishan Road taxi stand, he said he felt a sharp pain in his right abdomen but ignored it as it gradually went away.

However, he started feeling pain in his neck and broke out in a cold sweat as his vision became impaired. Mr. How tried to resolve his situation by applying medicated oil on his forehead and nose.

He said the last thing he remembered was signalling right at the traffic light of a junction on Jalan Bukit Merah.

Source: STOMP

According to Straits Times, the State coroner, Kamala Ponnampalam, said: “When he regained consciousness, he said that he heard the front seat passanger shouting at him.”

It was then that he realised he was the cause of a collision as his taxi’s windscreen had cracked and he was on the junction of Alexandra Road.

Source: CNA

“The doctor who treated him clarified that the tumour rupture caused severe bleeding into the involved party’s abdomen and a loss of blood flow to his brain. This caused the transient period of loss of consciousness.”

“However, based on the evidence uncovered, there is no basis to suspect foul play.”

While the two other pedestrians were still alright, one life was still taken from this tragic accident. To avoid situations like these, always go for regular check ups with the doctor to ensure that your health is intact. If not for the sake of yourself then for the sake of others!

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