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70-Year-Old Grandma Put on Minnie Mouse Costume Under Hot Sun to Support Family



70-Year-Old Grandma Put on Minnie Mouse Costume to Support Her Family - World Of Buzz
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Just recently, a 70-year-old grandma has melted netizens’ heart when she put on a Minnie Mouse mascot costume and posed with visitors under hot sun, according to Next Shark.

Source: Next Shark

The grandma was identified as Ying Peizi who was a farmer from a small town in Dezhou, China. Sadly, her husband couldn’t work anymore due to severe heart disease and required medications to keep him alive.

So her family income mostly came from her son, and daughter-in-law. They would grow crops and do some odd jobs off the farm to keep the family running financially.

However, Peizi’s daughter-in-law was knocked down by a car in an unfortunate accident. And she has slipped into coma and remained in a hospital in Jinan.

Due to the medical condition of her husband and daughter-in-law, Peizi had to do something to find more money, quick. So she borrowed a Minnie Mouse costume from a show business and posed with tourists at a park in Jinan, Shandong Province.

Source: Next Shark

According to Peizi, the job has proven to be more difficult compared to labouring in the farm. This is because every time children run to her to take a picture, she had to bend down to talk to them and pose according to the children’s wish.

Besides, the temperature in Jinan has been rising recently and Peizi had to walk around in that heavy and stuffy costume under the hot sun. The cartoon head also trapped the heat inside which left her drenched in sweat. She had to take a break every now and then under the shade. ūüôĀ

Source: Next Shark

Source: Next Shark

Despite all the hardships Peizi had to go through, she only earned 15 to 73 cents (RM0.66 to Rm3.20) per pictures. And it was unclear how many tourists would employ her service in a day.

It’s certainly a heartbreaking scene to look at and we hope that Peizi’s financial situation would improve soon.

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