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7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food



7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 14
Source: The Malaysian Insight

Being Malaysian, it goes without saying that food could very well be our first love. With an array of cuisines all over the nation, it’s hard not to fall head over heels with our culinary delights! Although everyone has their own way of how they would choose to enjoy a meal, here are some very Malaysian ways we enjoy ours.


1. Roti canai must always have ‘kuah banjir’

You must admit, roti canai just isn’t the same if it’s not swimming in a combination of kuah.

The more kuah, the more syok! 


2. Nasi kandar/nasi Melayu/banana leaf rice always tastes better when you eat with your hands

There’s just something about eating with our hands that brings an added flavour to our food and makes it all the more enjoyable. Of course, don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat. Otherwise, you’ll end up having extra, extra flavour in your plate of nasi!


3. What we eat doesn’t necessarily look great

Unlike western dining where presentation is the key, local food actually looks like… well, this:

7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 10

Source: Bangsar Babe

BUT! Despite it looking like a glob of brown mess, Malaysians KNOW that it is in fact delicious! For non-locals, don’t knock our food until you’ve tried it!


4. We must have sambal or chilli for most of our meals

Even if we cannot handle the spice, we’ll still add at least a little bit of sambal because it adds to the wholesome flavour of the food. Otherwise so bland leh. Plus, how to eat nasi lemak without sambal?!


5. Rice is a must-have, at least once a day

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, we must have rice at least once a day. Why you think we love nasi lemak so much? Can eat anytime mah!  

7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Why rice? It goes with anything and everything. Don’t believe us? We even have rice with durian okay?


6. Milo Dinosaur!

7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: Pal+

Because a normal milo drink just isn’t kao enough. It also takes us back to the days of our childhood when we used to just makan the milo powder straight from the tin.


7. We enjoy our food best when it’s fast and tasty!

The ultimate way most Malaysians enjoy their food probably has to be when we get it super fast and it still tastes delicious. Like how your char kuey teow uncle/auntie fries several orders at one go! After all, no one likes waiting long for their food right? Especially if you’re in a rush!

7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 11

Source: Burpple

If you’re too lazy to eat out, here’s a quick meal fix: Bestari Mashed Potato – a quick and easy solution to having a meal that’s loaded with carbs to help keep you on the go.

[TEST] 7 Very Malaysian Ways We Enjoy Our Food - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Best of all, you won’t fall into a food coma after loading up on all those carbs either!

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