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6yo Boy Accidentally Buys RM41K of Luxury & Branded Goods on Shopping App



6yo Boy Accidentally Buys RM41K of Luxury Goods on Shopping App - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: PYMNTS & China Press
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Ah, online shopping. The convenience of having an entire mall’s catalogue at your fingertips is a temptation many of us live with, especially when sales notifications pop up on salary day. It can be all too easy to overspend on a shopping app, but in this case, it wasn’t this man’s inability to control his spending!

According to China Press, a 6yo boy in Beijing’s online shopping spree cost his parents 70,ooo yuan (or roughly RM41,480) after he approved every purchase in his father’s shopping cart. The father had been looking for gifts for his wife on the shopping app, adding them to his shopping cart to review later on. Imagine his surprise when countless boxes from various brands began arriving at his front door!

The purchases included rings, lipsticks, and handbags from well-known brands, and in fact, so many boxes arrived that there was no space left in the living room. The father uploaded a picture of his son sitting in front of the boxes that had been delivered to his house, no doubt having learnt a hard lesson on the importance of being frugal when on a shopping app.

6yo Boy Accidentally Buys RM41K of Luxury Goods on Shopping App - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: China Press

His wife was initially happy upon seeing her husband’s unwitting generosity, but upon learning how much her son had spent, asked him to return all the goods. No surprise, RM41k is a lot of money no matter where you are! 

The man, however, kept some of the purchases as a gift to his wife and son, and thankfully, most of the purchases have been returned at no extra charge. The itchy-fingered 6-year-old was sentenced to copying his homework 300 times for his shopping spree, and no doubt will never open that app on his father’s phone ever again.

Whew! Thankfully the family was able to return most of the purchases. What do you think of this story? Is it really just too easy to spend on a shopping app? Let us know in the comments below!


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