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5 Things Malaysian Pet Owners Need To Know During Covid-19



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The Covid-19 pandemic has become a catalyst to great amount of worries in the public. Furthermore, unverified information about pets are also shared and this could potentially put the pet’s life in danger.

Fear and uncertainties cultivated by the Covid-19 panic are some of the things that cause owners to be misguided regarding their pets. So, we’ve come up with a list of questions for pet owners that might have been left unanswered and hopefully it gets to help with the lingering doubts.


1. If I am sick, should I limit contact with my pet?

The Center For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) recommends those who are sick to limit contacts with animals and get themselves tested.

Those who are unwell are advised to get someone who they trust to look after their pets while they are getting themselves tested.

Keep in mind to practice social distancing when you are reaching out for help.

5 Things Malaysian Pet Owners Need To Know During Covid-19 - WORLD OF BUZZ 2


2. Can my pet spread Coronavirus?

To set the records straight, the answer is a NO. Not that any evidence have suggested so far anyway!

Dr William Shafner, who is an infectious disease expert and a Professor at University of Vanderbilt told CNN that we do not have to worry about the virus spreading in animals because data shows that it’s not spreading among pets or farm animals.

CDC also stated that they do not have evidence that companion animals, including pets, can spread COVID-19.

So pet owners can now hug their four-legged best friend without the fear of being infected. Hug away!


3. Can I take my pet out for a walk during Movement Control Order (MCO)?

The government has announced strict implementation of MCO from 18th of March to the 31st of March 2020. The allocation provided, states only one representative of a family is allowed to go out to purchase the daily essential under Movement Control Order (MCO).

Furthermore, Malaysians are also advised not to go out for exercising. According to Free Malaysia Today, Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has urged members of the public against going outdoors to jog or exercise.

Given the circumstances of MCO, it’s best advised for pet owners to keep their pet within the compound of their house. Try to spend some good quality time with your furry-legged best friend and family indoors. Don’t forget to wash your hands after interactions with your pets!


4. Can I still take my pet to the veterinary clinic during the MCO?

Well, this is a tricky one. While it was not explicitly stated regarding veterinary aspects in the MCO, the Federal Gazette has listed medical care and health care under its Essentials list.

Pet owners should contact their preferred veterinarian or the nearest veterinarian to discuss their situation and figure out how help can arrive, if needed.

5 Things Malaysian Pet Owners Need To Know During Covid-19 - WORLD OF BUZZ


5. Can my pet get vaccinated against Covid-19?

In an article regarding animals and vaccinations, the East Bay SPCA warned that having your dog vaccinated against Coronavirus will not prevent Covid-19.

Pet owners should take note that while there is a general Coronavirus vaccine, it is not designed to work against this particular virus. Therefore, the vaccine would prove to be ineffective!

5 Things Malaysian Pet Owners Need To Know During Covid-19 - WORLD OF BUZZ 1

There are new discoveries about Covid-19 making the headlines every now and then. Pet owners should be on the look out for updates in the news regarding this topic, as things are still being discovered about the Covid-19 virus. Please do ensure that all the information are from verified sources before making any decisions.

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