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5 Reasons Why Ahmad Maslan Is The Best



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With recent news surrounding Ahmad Maslan, we feel the need to shed some light on why he is so awesome.

Here’s a few:

1. He gives brilliant ideas

To address the rise of living costs, our beloved Timbalan Menteri Industri suggested taking up 2 jobs, particularly in an online business. Look there’s even suggestions of the jobs to take!




2. He’s hardworking

To counter the criticism given by Malaysians for his #2kerja suggestion, Maslan mentions that in fact, he does not only have 2 jobs, but 3 jobs! *gasps*

God bless his hardworking soul.



Although some might argue that he actually has 5 jobs.

Image source: MalaysianGags

Oops sorry! It’s 6 jobs apparently.


3. He’s famous

He’s not only well-known by the adults who are into politics, but also among the young adults. Yes, the Gen Y crowd!

Do you know who is currently MALAYSIA’s NUMBER 1 TREND ON TWITTER? It’s none other than..





4. He creates trends

Besides being the number 1 trend on twitter in Malaysia, his hashtag itself became the number 1 trend in Kuala Lumpur. Can he get anymore popular?



5. He’s very wise and skilled

Why ask the government to create strategic policies in raising Malaysian’s income when you can ask citizens to work harder themselves?

He’s so skilled he wonders why people are choosing RM2,000 jobs and not earn RM5,000 instead?



Thanks for the tip bro. I should really not accept an RM2,000 job and start my own business now bye.

#ohwait, can’t do it on Facebook.

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So.. who’s gonna loan me some capital to start my business. Anyone?

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