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5 Nostalgic Events Which Made Our Sekolah Menengah Days Super Memorable



5 Nostalgic Events Which Made Our Sekolah Menengah Days Super Memorable - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: SMK Guar Nangka & SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin

For many Malaysians, our schooling days were filled with bittersweet memories. Sure, there were times when we were all stressed out about exams or struggled to fit in, but as a whole, those were some of the most memorable (and simpler) moments of our life.

And if you were to really think about it, our schooling days were actually filled with plenty of exciting events which only by looking back can we truly appreciate them for what they were. Well, if you’re feeling nostalgic, read on to find out how you can relive some of them this September at the ASICS Relay running event in Sepang! More deets on this below.

Without further ado, here are 5 events we Malaysians remember best:


1. School fundraising events such as Jog-A-Thon

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Not only did going around our taman collecting donations make us feel super important, but some of us would compete with our friends to raise the most funds. Of course, there was also always that one guy like me who was kinda lazy and ended up empty-handed. :p


2. Those lawatan sambil belajar trips we looked forward to just so we didn’t have to study 

As many of us would agree, we would have done anything to escape being stuck in the classroom — joining a field trip allowed us to do just that. Even if it meant going to another museum or historical landmark, the chance of just being able to lepak with our friends outside school compounds was enticing enough to make us sign up.

3. Those thrilling and super nostalgic Hari Sukan days

Not all of us are born athletes, but that did not stop us from having fun whenever our high school’s Hari Sukan came around. I mean, even if we weren’t superrr active in all the competitions, there were plenty of other exciting things to look forward to such as the mouthwatering snacks, being able to catch up with our friends, and cheering on our rumah sukan (sport’s house), for instance.

Well, if you would like to catch up with a buddy or two of yours and you’re looking to burn some calories, here’s an exciting running event you wouldn’t want to miss:

On 7th September 2019, Malaysians can be part of the ASICS Relay running event (the biggest night relay race in Southeast Asia) at Sepang International Circuit.

Yes! That means you’ll be running on the track itself!

There will be two categories available for teams of four to take part in, namely the 21km and 42km half and full-marathon respectively.

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And that’s not all! Here are other things you can expect:

  • Get your heart pumping with group-led warm-up activities and interactive fitness corners at The Fitness District.
  • Recover, rehydrate, and refresh yourself with sports massages, stretches, and nourishment at The Recharge Station.
  • Femes influencers for you to mingle with. 😉

More information on this exciting running event can be found here.


4. Those super chilled out Hari Kantin events

Ahhh! How can we ever forget Hari Kantin? Not only did this give us an opportunity to bersembang nonstop with our friends, but we could also pamper ourselves buying snacks and drinks from all those super cool food trucks we know and love too, just like the ones you can check out at The Marketplace during the ASICS Relay running event too.

Also, if you were in an all-girl/boy school, Hari Kantin was the perfect time to check out hotties. 😉


5. Going to our first senior prom 

Remember all those coming-of-age Hollywood movies we grew up watching? Yeah, that’s what it felt like for most Malaysians. Slow dancing with our date, making plans with our best mates to always keep in touch post-graduation, and for some of us, being nominated as prom king and queen. The memories!

Unarguably what made the night extra special were the performances and live DJ sets during the night. Well, if a party is what you’re after, then we hear the one that’ll take place during the ASICS Relay running event won’t disappoint!

Here’s what to expect:

  • A post-run after party where you can let loose and showcase your dance moves as you groove to live DJ sets alongside your friends.
  • A multitude of games for your family, kids, or squad to take part in at The Playground.
  • And many others!


Truth be told, these events were only the tip of the iceberg which made our high school days super memorable.

What are some of YOUR most memorable high school events though? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear from all of you.

And if you’re interested to relive all those memories, then find out how you can do just that at the ASICS Relay running event here.

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Stay healthy guys!