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5 Best Hari Raya Ads of 2019 That Are Guaranteed To Make You Get All Emotional



5 Best Hari Raya Ads of 2019 That Are Guaranteed To Make You Get All Emotional - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Every Malaysian knows that with the coming of festive seasons, also comes jolly, funny, and emotional adverts. And it’s also no secret that over the years, brands and companies have made it an informal competition to try and outdo each other on who has the best, most relatable and most tear-jerking festive season ads.

Truly, no one could ever beat the late Yasmin Ahmad’s work, which could make any cold-hearted person feel stirrings deep down, but we’ve found 5 whose creativity has managed to hit expectations and go beyond. PLUS ULTRA!

1. Tumpang from PLUS Expressways

This story depicts the importance of family during Hari Raya through an encounter with a grumpy uncle who left his phone in a rest stop bathroom and a man who missed his bus because he found it.


2. Rendang SoRaya from Petronas

The advert follows Soraya through her journey towards perfecting her mother’s rendang recipe, allowing the two women to bond through the shared experience, and the passing down of tradition.


3. Seringgit by JinnyBoyTV and Samsung

Following the shenanigans of a grandfather and a grandson, this short teaches us the value of the small things in life through the value of a single Ringgit.


4. Juara Hari Raya from Lazada

Watch as two aunties battle it out for the bragging rights of best Hari Raya celebration only to discover the true meaning of friendship.


5. Seribu Erti Kesyukuran from CIMB

This advert showcases the struggles of a single mother who is unable to keep her promises to her daughter due to her finances, which in the end teaches us to be thankful for the family that we have.


BONUS: Kinship from the Public Utilities Board of Singapore

This video follows the journey of two orphaned siblings who were split up due to one being adopted into a foster family while the other was left behind.


Did we miss out on any of your favourites? Which one of these made you cry the most? Let us know in the comments section! 


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