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4 New Updates on the Horrific Johor Bahru Petrol Station Murder Case



X Developments on The Horrific Johor Baru Petrol Station Murder Case - WORLD OF BUZZ 5
Source: The Star Online | YouTube & Facebook
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Yesterday, Malaysians all over the nation were shocked when news of a brutal murder that happened in broad daylight surfaced online.

A man was being attacked by a group of men, who tried dragging him into a white BMW. After putting up a fight, his attackers then decided to stab him multiple times.

Leaving him on the ground, the attackers then got into their car and proceeded to throw fire crackers before running over him twice and driving off. Bystanders who witnessed the murder captured the incident on video and soon, it began to widely circulate online, horrifying thousands of Malaysians across the country.

Since news of the murder surfaced, many shocking discoveries have been uncovered by the police. Here are some of the latest developments;


1. The murder victim was believed to be a secret society leader

According to a report by the New Straits Times, the victim of the brutal murder was revealed to be a ‘kongsi gelap‘ (secret society) leader.

The victim, who has since been identified as 44-year-old Tan Ah Choy, reportedly had 13 previous drug records.

Tan was stabbed multiple times by his attackers before getting run over twice at a petrol station just 500 metres away from the Taman Pelangi police station at 7.30pm on Sunday (17th December).


2. Four suspects have been identified 

Now, in latest developments, four suspects have been identified by the police, according to Free Malaysia Today.

The attackers were identified via visual images after a video recording of the murder went viral on social media. A manhunt has since been launched to catch the suspects, who are believed to be in their 20s.

“Apart from the images, we got the lead on the suspects after tracking the registration number of their BMW,” a police source told MMO.

“The owner of the car, a man aged 55 from Ipoh, had lodged a report at the Bercham police station yesterday morning, saying his car was repossessed a few months ago after he failed to pay the installments.”


3. An alleged drug dispute may have been the motive behind the murder

X Developments on The Horrific Johor Baru Petrol Station Murder Case - WORLD OF BUZZ 3

Source: MMO

“Initial investigation suggests the victim was involved in drugs, and the suspects are believed to his suppliers,” the police source told MMO.

“The dispute between them started when the victim was unable to pay for the supplies he had taken from the syndicate members over several months.”

The source said the suspects were angered when Tan began avoiding them and for tarnishing their name among the other gangs.

“The fact that the victim was murdered in public by being stabbed and run over by a car twice, clearly shows the suspects had a grudge.”


4. The murder may be part of a gang war

X Developments on The Horrific Johor Baru Petrol Station Murder Case - WORLD OF BUZZ 4

Source: FMT

Since the brutal murder became viral online, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi stated that the incident was due to a fight between two triads, according to The Star.

Now that it has been revealed that the murder victim was a secret society leader, police are pinpointing areas in which these gangs are operating in efforts to determine whether they were competing for business or territory.


So, those are all the updates on this case so far. Let’s hope the suspects are found and apprehended soon!


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