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2yo Girl Meets Her Death After Climbing Into Family’s Crocodile Cage



Source: Sinar Harian
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People usually raise cats, dogs and other pets at home. Can you imagine owning crocodiles? A family in Cambodia have their own crocodile, and perhaps inevitably, their worst nightmare came to be.

A young girl was killed at the end of last week by a crocodile after she fell into the reptile’s cage, Sinar Harian reported. The crocodile is owned by the victim’s family in Siem Reap. The victim, Rom Roath Neary, aged 2, was said to have climbed over the fencing of the crocodile’s cage.

Source: Sinar Harian

The spokesperson for the police, Och Sophen, explained that the victim’s mother was not aware of Rom’s disappearance at first because she was busy with caring for her newborn baby. Her husband noticed the absence of their daughter upon returning home.

Rom’s father jumped into the cage himself to save his daughter, but he only found her skull. The victim’s father was shocked to discover that his child became ‘food’ for the crocodile.

Och Sophen affirmed that the victim climbed over the railing of the cage and that the police have launched an investigation. They have also put out a warning to all the families that own crocodiles to monitor their children’s whereabouts frequently.

We should be careful with all kinds of animals even if they are our pets and the most important thing is to always keep an eye out for our children.


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