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26yo Man Goes From Looking Fit To Sickly & Haggard Within 7 Months Because Of Drug Addiction



26yo Man Goes From Looking Fit To Sickly & Haggard Within 7 Months Because Of Drug Addiction - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: The Sun UK
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Listen to this post:

This is shocking!

The Star wrote that a mum shared pictures of her son who went through a drastic transformation after he got addicted to drugs. What’s even more shocking is that Cody Bishop’s shocking transformation took less than seven months. Jennifer Salfen-Tracy shared heartbreaking pictures of Cody with scabs and injection marks on his lower arms as he looked very haggard – like how a drug addict would be. 

The 26-year-old was, previously, an athlete in his high school and seven months ago, he was a fit young man who could take on the world. He reportedly started working at All-Inclusive Concrete Systems in March 2019, but now his mother describes him as the “face of heroin and meth” in her viral post. Jennifer – who is from Missouri, USA – revealed that it has been a while since she last saw her son. She believes that is he living on the streets of Las Vegas. Oh dear!

7 months before Cody’s tragic transformation | Source: The Sun UK

Jennifer’s post read,

“These pictures were taken 7 months apart. The face of heroin and meth… is (a) reality for so many people and families in this world today. Cody is still homeless in Las Vegas and I have not heard from him in weeks now.”

“Hearing how bad he is doing is hard, but not hearing at all is worse. The unknown is what makes a person not sleep at night.”

Cody’s tragic transformation after his drug addiction | Source: The Sun UK

In May 2019, the family reported the disappearance of Cody to the Las Vegas police. Jennifer also added that Cody is a father, and she prays that he decides to change his lifestyle. Jennifer continued,

“It is hard to understand how someone who has families and children who love and need them (can) live the life they do. I have turned it over to God and pray that he decides he is tired of living like this and wants to come home to get help.”

On top of that, Jennifer shared that many netizens have come forth and advised her on how to tackle a drug addict, especially if they have a serious addiction like Cody. She finally called out to Cody (via her post) and pleaded him to return home. Jennifer finally wrote: “Cody, if you see this, please call us… we love you!”

Jennifer & Cody | Source: The Sun UK

That said, we don’t know for sure how Cody’s drug addiction began, but we really do hope that Cody gets the help he needs. To Cody’s mum and family: Please stay strong!


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