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25yo Man Drinks Alcohol All Night But Refuses to Pee, Wakes Up with Exploded Bladder



Source: Fresh News Asia & Spinal Mouvement
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While it may be an unhealthy habit, many of us are familiar with the practice of putting off the urge to pee. We always think we can hold it in for just a little bit longer, so we can get other things done. Understandably, holding in your urge to pee can lead to some pretty dire problems, such as a urinary tract infection or worse still, bladder stones. 

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However, this man in China proved that things can get a whole lot worse! As reported by China Press, a man in Beijing, China paid a hefty price for putting off the need to use the bathroom when drinking with a group of his friends. During a business trip to Changsha City in the Hunan Province, Li Hua, the man in question, decided to meet a couple of friends who lived in the city for a drink. The get-together stretched late into the night and despite feeling the urge to pee, he drunkenly refused to use the bathroom. Aiyo, why lah?

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But after that night, Li Hua suffered from intense abdominal pains and could not pee, even when he felt the need to. In fact, his entire abdomen felt too tight and hurt when he pressed down against it. As it turns out, during a medical checkup, he discovered he was suffering from what doctors refer to as a ‘bladder rupture leading to hemorrhaging and peritonitis’.

In simple terms? His bladder explodedOh my god ew!

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As a result, doctors had to perform an emergency surgery to drain off the urine that had filled Li Hua’s abdomen, while also performing a minimally invasive laparoscopy procedure to repair his ruptured bladder. He is reported to be recovering well in hospital.

While highly rare in the medical world, bladder ruptures are known to happen when the bladder is filled beyond capacity and its walls become sufficiently thin. Any external trauma may cause the bladder to rupture, leading to potentially painful consequences. According to Popular Science, people who have had major surgeries or cancer are more likely to suffer from a ruptured bladder.

We sincerely wish Li Hua a speedy recovery from his surgery and hope that his story reminds everyone not to hold your pee in!


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