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21yo Guy Diagnosed with Diabetes & Rushed to ICU After a Month of Having Fruits for Dinner



21yo Guy Diagnosed with Diabetes and Rushed to ICU After Eating Fruits for Dinner for a Month - WORLD OF BUZZ 3
Source: Business Insider & Lsveikata
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Sometimes, after a long day at work, it can be hard to muster up the energy to prepare dinner for yourself and we would turn to other alternatives to fill up our tummy. However, it’s important to eat a balanced meal even if we have no time or are simply too lazy to cook because we could be harming our bodies in the process.

A 21-year-old man identified as Xiao Mao from Hangzhou, China loves to eat fruits a lot and as he had just entered the workforce, he would be too lazy to cook a meal for himself when he reaches home after work. Thinking that fruits were healthy, he decided to eat only fruits for dinner and this went on for about a month, HK01 reported.

He would have a normal meal for breakfast and lunch when he was working but as for dinner, he felt too tired and didn’t want to bother with making anything. Hence, he felt that fruits could provide the nutrients he needed and since fruits do not require much prep time, he thought he could have more time to sleep too. 

Xiao Mao would usually eat fruits such as bananas and cantaloupes to satisfy his hunger. However, after about a month of his fruit dinners, he started to feel unwell and experienced dizziness, nausea, a dry mouth and several other symptoms. He went to the hospital to get treatment and the doctors put him through some tests.

When the results came back, they were shocked at his blood sugar readings, which were recorded at 79.98 mol/L, which was 10 times higher than that of a healthy person. They also found that his blood was severely acidic and diagnosed him with diabetic ketoacidosis. This usually affects people with Type 1 diabetes and is life-threatening. The body breaks down fat too fast and the fat is processed into ketones which causes the blood to become acidic. Many people usually discover they are diabetic after they are diagnosed with this condition.

21yo Guy Diagnosed with Diabetes and Rushed to ICU After Eating Fruits for Dinner for a Month - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

Source: Lsveikata

Xiao Mao was then quickly checked in to the intensive care unit (ICU) for treatment and after three days, his condition stabilised. The doctor said that fruits may be healthy but it is not advisable to use them as meal replacements. He added that the fruits Xiao Mao likes to eat were high in sugar content and warned people not to eat too much even if they were not having only fruits for dinner.

Everything in moderation, guys! Stay healthy!


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