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2018 Round-Up: Top 10 Viral Social Stories Read by Malaysians



2018 Roundup: Top 10 Viral Social Stories Read by Malaysians - WORLD OF BUZZ
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In a blink of an eye, 2018 is almost gone – just like that!

With the year coming to an end, we at WORLD OF BUZZ decided to list the top 10 craziest viral social stories that you guys have tuned in to! Yes, these are the crazy posts you see on your social media feed. See if there were any that you missed, or would like to revisit! Some of these stories are pretty amazing after all!

We’ve ranked these stories based on readership and engagement on our social media platforms.

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1. “I Did Not Raise My Daughter For You to Abuse Her,” Enraged M’sian Father Scolds Son-in-Law

Never mess with daddy’s little princess! This dad from Sarawak won the praises of netizens as he taught his abusive son-in-law a painful lesson in public (he even caned him with a¬†rotan!).

"I Did Not Raise My Daughter For You To Abuse Her," M'sian Father Teaches Son-in-Law Lesson On The Street - WORLD OF BUZZ


2. Team Japan Cleaned Their Locker Room & Left a Thank You Note After Losing World Cup

No one does it like Japan does! Even after they were defeated in one of the biggest football events ever – the FIFA World Cup – the team gathered their things, cleaned the locker room, and even left a thank you note before heading home. Mind you, they wrote the ‘thank you’ in Russian too!



3. 18yo Student Dies From Stomach Cancer After Eating Instant Noodles Every Night

We’ve all heard how bad instant noodles are for you but this is just crazy! Eating these very unhealthy noodles every night when he was burning the midnight oil, the 18-year-old student soon developed stomach cancer from it.



4. Malaysian Man Tries to Shame Beer Promoter on Facebook, Gets Backlash Instead

Looks like karma got the best of this man! Apparently wanting to gain some internet fame, the man waltzed into the haram section of the store to purposely shame an innocent young beer promoter. However, he didn’t get the ‘attention’ he hoped for!

Innocent Beer Promoter Gets Shamed And Flipped Off For Doing Her Job in Giant Hypermarket - WORLD OF BUZZ 1


5.¬†Wife Threatens to Commit Suicide Because Husband Didn’t Buy Her Bubble Tea

We heard of the bubble tea craze but this lady really took it to a whole new level! A 23-year-old wife locked herself in the bathroom and threatened to commit suicide just because she didn’t get her cup of bubble tea. Although she had been talking about the beverage for the whole day, her husband who didn’t take her seriously drove straight home!



6. Viral Kid Who Can Speak 15 Languages Gets Invited to Beijing For a Chance to Become a Singer

We Malaysians are pretty proud to be speaking at least two to three languages, but this kid really takes the cake! Only a mere 14-year-old, this Cambodian kid stunned people worldwide because he is able to speak 15 languages. His skill is so jaw-dropping that a Chinese media company invited him to Beijing, China and as they intend to train him to become a singer.

Viral Kid Who Can Speak 15 Languages Gets Invited to Beijing For Audition to Become Singer - WORLD OF BUZZ


7.¬†M’sian Woman’s Intestines Are Now Damaged After Eating Extra Spicy Ramen Every Week

A reminder to lay off those extreme spices guys! A woman was revealed to be suffering from intense stomach ache after she consumed the x2 spicy ramen, which we all know and love, every week (and without a sip of water too!).

M'sian Woman Suffers From Intestines Damage After Eating 2X Spicy Ramen Every Week - WORLD OF BUZZ


8. Kuching Father Reveals His True Identity & Why He Beat Up His Ex-Son-in-Law

After receiving major applauds from netizens, the Kuching father told his side of the story! He revealed that he beat his ex son-in-law in public because the ex son-in-law just had no sense of responsibility despite being a married man.¬†After the father’s friends spotted the ex son-in-law, he went to have a talk to him but only received major attitude. The rest was history.



9.¬†“Will Your Mum Wake Up If You Attend Her Funeral?” Boss Asks Staff & Rejects Leave Application

Now, what kind of human being would say such a thing?! A Thai employee shared his bewilderment on Facebook after her boss said something mind-boggling. As he requested a leave to attend his mother’s funeral, the boss said, ‚ÄúWill your mother wake up if you attend her funeral?”. So, instead of submitting a leave request, he put in his resignation letter.



10.¬†Girl Refuses to Get in Car After Discovering M’sian Guy Drives a Proton Wira

How materialistic ca we humans be? A guy shared how heartbroken he was after his female friend rejected getting into his car. She even said, “Next time, if you’re driving your Proton Wira, don’t come and pick me up.”



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