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2 Men Try Robbing Puchong Store With Plastic Guns, Owner Teaches Them a Lesson



Two Men Rob a Store in Puchong With Plastic Gun, Owner Teaches Them a Lesson - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: YouTube
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Recently, CCTV footage of a phone store has gone viral on social media because of how brave the shop owner was when he defended his store from two armed robbers.

The robbery reportedly took place on last Saturday at around 5.45pm in Puchong, Selangor.

Source: YouTube

When contacted by reporters, the 36-year-old owner, Tan told the reporters that he already suspected the two men the moment they stepped in the store due to their strange behaviour.

“One of the men asked me if I was alone in the shop, while the other one pretended that he wanted to sell me his phone. They kept talking nonsense, that’s why I knew something was wrong.”

Clearly, they wanted to make sure there was no one else in and around the premises before they robbed the place. Tan continued saying that the man in the black T-shirt stepped out for a moment and whipped out a pistol when he came right back in again.

“The pistol was too new and too intricate to the extent that it looked like an air soft or a toy gun. Besides, when he pulled the slide, it sounded rather like a plastic gun instead of a metal gun. That’s how I knew it was fake,” Tan added.

Upon learning the truth, Tan immediately withdrew the parang he had hidden inside the shop for self defense and charged towards the robbers. Want to rob my shop? Not today!

The robbers were caught off guard and fled the scene frantically with Tan chasing behind! Here’s the CCTV footage.

After this video went viral, netizens were amazed by the courage displayed by Tan in scaring those culprits away while others recommended every shop owner to keep a parang within reach, just in case.

Kudos to Tan showing the robbers who’s the boss, don’t think they will show up in that area again any time soon!


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