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18yo Man Who Suspected Nothing of Headache and Fever Dies After Two Weeks



Healthy Young Man Suffered From Headache and Fever, Died After Two Weeks - WORLD OF BUZZ
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Let’s be honest, most of us don’t really take our headaches seriously. We’d just pop one or two paracetamol tablets and go on about our lives while expecting the headache to subside within hours. This young man did the same thing, but things turned out tragically for him.

Recently, a healthy young man named Patrick Mendoza heartbreakingly died after suffering from a headache and other health complications. His sister, Jovelyn Mendoza took it to Facebook to warn others about what happened to her brother.

According to Definitely Filipino, the siblings worked together in the same factory in South Korea.

Source: Facebook

It all started when Patrick suffered from a headache and fever on 11 March. Convinced that it wasn’t a big issue, the siblings went to a clinic where he received an injection and was prescribed with some medications.

He recovered after that, but only to fall sick again after four days. Patrick refused to be admitted in the hospital as he thought that it was just a regular headache. The next day, Patrick suddenly suffered from seizures at 12.45pm and he was rushed to the hospital.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

He was given various injections and medications, but things didn’t get any better. Patrick was then placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to his critical condition.

Shockingly, the test reports indicated that Patrick was suffering from encephalitis, a condition where acute inflammation happens in the brain caused by a virus. It was suspected that he had inhaled the virus, which went straight to his brain.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

The injections did help stop the seizures, but his lungs and kidneys were greatly damaged. His body became weaker as the day passed by because the medications weren’t working on him.

On 24 March, his condition had stabilised although he was still unconscious.

Four days later, Patrick suffered from cardiac arrest and left his family forever. The medical staff tried to resuscitate him for an hour but failed to bring him back. Who would’ve thought a simple headache could be a sign to such a serious condition?

Source: Facebook

So guys, please don’t take any of these symptoms lightly and do seek professional medical help if you’re in doubt of your health. RIP Patrick.


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