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17yo Tricks 15yo Into Sending Nudes & Threatens to Make Them Viral Unless She Pays RM500



17yo Blackmails To Make 15yo Girl's Half-Nude Pictures Go Viral, Gets Arrested in Perak - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: NST / FMT
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Ok, this is just disgusting! 

NST reported that a 15-year-old Sabahan girl was tricked into sending nude photos by posing as a modelling agency. The poor girl was promised modelling gigs by the trickster who used Instagram to get in touch with her last month (March).

After several conversations, the predator managed to persuade her into sending nude photos on the reason that it will be used for “clothing size guideline”.

So, the victim sent several photos, including semi-nude photos of herself, to the person. Soon after, she realised that something wasn’t right and stopped all communications with the fraud.

However, she later received a threatening message whereby the blackmailer demanded RM500 from her if she doesn’t want her semi-nude pictures to go viral. So heartless! Terrified by the message, the girl then lodged a police report on 5 April 2019 (Friday).

Source: NST

Following the complaint, district police chief Deputy Superintendent Azmir Abd Razak revealed that the police had traced the messages sent by the predator and it led to an Instagram account named @fordhaneem.

According to Azmin, the girl received another message from a person named Harith. FYI, Harith claims that he obtained the girl’s half-nude photos from @fordhaneem. 

Azmin was quoted as saying,

“This individual also demanded that she pay him money to prevent the pictures from being spread to more people. However, the victim did not make the payment and she suspected the two individuals (@fordhaneem and Harith) were the same person.

Adding on, the police successfully traced the messages to a 17-year-old in Kemunting, Perak. Thus, the police have arrested the boy and he is being investigated under Section 12 of the Sexual Offences Against Children 2017.

Therefore, if he is found guilty, he will face a maximum of five years in prison and whipping. 

Source: FMT

Hopefully, the police will quickly find a solution to this case and prosecute the fraud accordingly. On that note, let’s be a little more careful when interacting with strangers on social media so that we don’t end up tangling ourselves in a huge problem. Stay vigilant, guys! 


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