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17 Men Sedated Deaf 11yo Girl Then Raped Her For More Than Six Months



17 Men Sedated Deaf 11yo Then Raped Her For More Than Six Months - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: Twitter
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Today (18 July 2018), a horrifying piece of news about a girl who was raped by 17 men circulated on the internet and shocked everyone. CNN reported that an 11-year-old deaf girl was mercilessly raped by a group of men who worked in the building she lived in. This incident happened in Chennai, India.

According to deputy commissioner of police for Chennai’s Kilpauk district, S. Rajendran, the men have been sexually assaulting the poor girl since mid-January up until this month (July). He also shared that before the girl was raped, she was sedated in the generator room in her building’s basement. Heartless people!

Initially, the girl was raped by a 66-year-old lift operator before others participated in this senseless crime. The lift operator then allegedly invited the other men to join in the cruel act, reported The Hindustan Times. These men, aged from early 20s to late 60s, reportedly took turns to record each other raping the helpless child. These despicable rapists also allegedly assaulted her in multiple places within the building itself. Some of these places include the basement, terrace, gym and public restrooms.

Afraid that she would spill the beans, the sexual predators allegedly used knives to threaten the victim to keep mum about the whole ordeal or they would release the heinous videos of the assault, according to local police commissioner A. K. Viswanathan. However, a report revealed that the girl told her sister about the assault, which prompted the family to lodge a police report. Thank goodness!

As of now, only four of them have confessed to raping her and two have confessed to molesting her. The victim has identified all of the men arrested as her rapists. 

Source: Twitter

The men who have been identified as the girl’s rapists have been arrested under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) with charges of rape, attempted murder and criminal intimidation. 

That’s a lot to take in but first things first, no child should ever go through this kind of situation! Hopefully, the authorities will get to the bottom of this matter ASAP – it’s a case that they cannot allow to be swept under the rug. We hope this doesn’t become another Nirbhaya! 


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