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16 Year Old Jumps To His Death On Day He’s Suppose To Collect Exam Results



16 Y/O Student Jumped To His Death On The Day He Was Supposed To Collect Exam Results - World Of Buzz
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Final exam results are really scary. Especially when you’ve worked so hard throughout the school year but you’re still unsure whether you’d achieve those A’s or not.

There have been many incidences where students got so worried about having done terribly, they would rather jump to their death than face the shame or disappointment of their family.

One such student was a 16-year-old boy named Liu Wenjie from Greendale Secondary School in Singapore.

The youngster was reportedly discovered dead at about 4.45AM at Block Compassvale Crescent on December 19, All Singapore Stuff reported.

The N level (something like PMR) student was suppose to collect his results that day but had apparently committed suicide by jumping off a tall building.

Wenjie had told his elder brother he was going to watch a movie early that morning. Although the elder brother did find it weird to watch a movie at such an hour, he did not stop Wenjie.

In a note found to be written by Wenjie, it read

“I’m already 16 years old. You’ve raised me for 16 years. I don’t blame you. Don’t worry about me.”

The note was believed to be a suicide note.

The 16-year-old’s parents mentioned that they had never put too much pressure on their child to achieve great results. In fact, they were alright with his performance as long as he passed his exams.

It came as a surprise to the family as the teenager was suppose to start his holiday job soon.

Police are still investigating this alleged suicide.

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