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14yo Dies After Breathing in Spores From Mould Which Ate Away the Inside of Her Throat



14yo Dies After Breathing in Spores From Mould Which Ate Away the Inside of Her Throat - WORLD OF BUZZ 1
Source: The Sun & Molekule
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Mould is actually very dangerous as it releases spores into the air that you could breathe in, which will then cause a series of health problems including skin rash and asthma, and could even reduce the function of your lungs.

Jade Owens from England died when she choked on her own blood after breathing in mould spores, reported The Sun.

The diabetic 14-year-old girl contracted mucormycosis, a one-in-a-million fungal infection which originated from breathing in mould spores. The fungus had eaten away the inside of her throat, airways and passageways to her lungs.

She was taken to the hospital on 10th May when she started having a headache and flu-like symptoms. Doctors suspected that she had a chest infection, but she started displaying rapid breathing and appeared discoloured.

Source: The Sun

More tests discovered that she had type 1 diabetes, which turns blood acidic and can be fatal if untreated.

Her body had stopped producing insulin and her muscles had started to break down, and when she did not respond well to the insulin given to her, she was put into an induced coma so doctors could carry out further tests.

After two weeks in intensive care, she miraculously pulled through – or so the doctors thought.

Source: The Sun

On June 11th, her mother, Louise, was about to bring her home when Jade suddenly started coughing up blood, which made her choke on it, and died within 20 minutes. 

“It was like a murder scene. The blood vessels in her throat had burst and she bled to death. She choked on her own blood and had coughed it up. It was horrific to see and that will never leave me,” Louise said.

That’s when further tests revealed that Jade had mucormycosis, a fungal infection contracted from breathing in mould spores. The infection targets people with a weakened immune system like Jade, who had type 1 diabetes.

Her mother did not know where Jade might have come into contact with mould spores, but she suspects that it could be from her outdoor activities like horse riding.

Source: The Sun

However, according to Medical News Today, mould can also grow in houses, especially if the house is surrounded by damp environments. The worse thing about it is that the spores produced by the mould cannot be seen and are able to enter your home through open windows, doorways, and ventilation systems.

Source: Molekule

That being said, it is advisable to check that your house does not have any mould growing in it. Mould often grows in areas where leakages and flooding have occurred or where condensation builds up, making furniture damp. Having good air circulation in your home could prevent mould from growing as well.


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