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14 Things Only Malaysians Who Loves Really Spicy Food Will Understand



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1. You NEED to have chili with EVERYTHING

Whether it’s chili sauce, cili padi, sambal etc, depending on the type of food you’re having.


2. People can’t trust you when they ask “Is it spicy?” because your answer is always “No.”

And those who take your word for it will go…


3. Your friends always warn other people about your ‘crazy’ tolerance for spicy food


4. That pain in your mouth only excites you more

While others die from the heat, you actually indulge in it.


5. You always gravitate towards ordering the spiciest thing on the menu


6. You make sure to ‘tambah pedas’ every time you order something


7. That frustration when your ‘tambah pedas’ meal isn’t spicy enough

Especially when you SPECIFICALLY instructed it to be. How hard can it be to make a dish spicy?!


8. Your friends who don’t eat spicy food know to pass you their cili padi


9. That pain when the sambal to nasi lemak ratio is off


10. When someone’s crying that the food is spicy when it clearly isn’t


11. Your face when the group is forced to order non-spicy dishes to share because some people just cannot handle the heat


12. When you order something really hot off the menu and the waiter/waitress warns you that it’s REALLY spicy


13. When you travel to western countries and they don’t have chili


14. All in all, no one really understands why you love that pain in your mouth, besides another fellow spicy lover


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