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13 Things Only Malaysians Who Took the ‘Bas Sekolah’ Will Truly Understand



12 Things Only Malaysians Who Have Taken 'Bas Sekolah' Before Will Understand - WORLD OF BUZZ
Source: Blogspot
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‘Wish we could turn back time, to the good ol’ days, when our momma sang us to sleep but now we’re stressed out…’

Most of us can relate to the lyrics above by Twenty One Pilots, because childhood holds some of the best days in our lives. No monthly rental, phone bills, installments and PTPTN loan to pay. 

Needless to say, taking the bas sekolah to school was our daily joyride as so many monkey business happened in that 30-minute (or longer if you stay far away) journey. So we took a trip down memory lane and rounded up some of the things that only Malaysians who have taken the bas sekolah can understand. #throwback


1. Waiting for the bus to pick you up with your eyes half open 

The struggle is real guys, especially the first few days when you’re still getting used to sesi pagi.


2. When the bus has arrived but you’re not done tying your shoe laces

…and it’s not helping one bit that your friends are calling you names through the bus window! #nopressure


3. Getting teased by others just because you’re smaller than them

The bigger our reaction, the more syiok and excited they are, right?


4. Wishing you could sit with the cool kids at the back because that’s where legends are born

There’s something about sitting at the last row that separates us from the ordinary kids, and we just feel kool a bit.


5. Bouncing off your seat every single time the bus goes over a road bump

Have you heard of the suspension and shock absorbers on the bus? 

Yeah me neither.


6. Being stuck beside a smelly kid, but you have to bear with them because they’re your friend 

Admit it, we all have that friend, or sometimes we are that friend.

Source: Two Eggz

If your uniform isn’t soiled and smelly after a day in school, you’re not having enough fun.


7. Enjoying the junk food you’ve just bought before boarding the bus

Sharing is forbidden.

Source: Flickr

That’s why we always get off the bus with sticky fingers, but if we’re honest, nobody’s childhood is complete without junk food.

Super Ring, anyone?


8. Sitting on a platform beside the bus driver and feeling like a king

Source: Wikimedia

It’s a rare opportunity to get this VIP seat, but when you do, you were basically untouchable.


9. Being the first to get on the bus and also the last to get off

That means you have to be on standby way earlier and also arrive home later than everyone else. 🙁

Also, seeing your last friend waving at you and getting off the bus, you can’t help but die a little inside.


10. Showing a certain finger or making funny faces at other motorists 

To be honest, we had no idea why we flipped everyone off.


12.When the bus driver komplen to your mum about how naughty you were on the bus

“Mummy, the driver said don’t throw rubbish in the bus, so I threw it out!”

Don’t throw rubbish out of the window guys, it’s not cool.


13. Getting screamed at by the bus driver for putting your hands out the window

12 Things Only Malaysians Who Have Taken 'Bas Sekolah' Before Will Understand - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: Blogspot


If given the chance, would you travel back in time to relive those stress-free days doing foolish stuff?

What are some of your bas sekolah stories that you’d tell your future grandkids? Share with us in the comment section! 


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