This Japanese Instagrammer Has Cockroaches As Pets!

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Instagram is a place that allows to post pictures of our daily lives, sharing with people the usual food images, places you’ve been, things you love and basically everything else.

However, some people have weirder interests and Instagrammer user vixixvii is one of them.

Being sure to keep herself a mysterious vibe (she never posted a selfie), VIXI has love for the unusual, where she takes care of pet roaches. Personally I squirm at the sight of them. 










However, these cockroaches aren’t the only insects she was raring. She also has spiders, centipedes, a cricket, snake, and white mouse.



VIXI wrote that she loved biology and she sees these creatures as a stunning beauty. Her insta feed is filled with beautifully grotesque themed images which are a little dark, but we love it anyway!

If you wanna check out more of her, you can do so right here!

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