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One Year-Old Baby Sexually Assaulted by Chinese Man, Diaper Covered in Blood



1-Year-Old Baby Sexually Assaulted by Chinese Man, Diaper Covered in Blood - World Of Buzz
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Just recently, a 16 month-old baby girl suffered from internal bleeding after she was reportedly sexually assaulted by a man. The horrifying incident happened in Zhejiang, China.

According to Oriental Daily, the baby’s mother noticed something terribly wrong when she tried to change the baby’s diaper. To her shock, she discovered a lot of blood stains on the baby’s pants and diaper. 


The mother quickly rushed the baby to a hospital upon discovering the blood stains. The doctors said that the baby had suffered tears in her posterior vaginal wall and a surgery had to be done immediately as the injury was very severe.

The mother then recalled that on the day of the incident, a 50 year-old egg-vendor who lives nearby their house visited her house.

According to the mother, the man frequently visits their house to play with the children. He’s close to the family and is considered a family friend.

However, on that day, the man brought the baby girl out for about 40 minutes. After coming back, the mother saw some sweets in the baby’s hand and knew something was out of place when the baby appeared to be expressionless.

The baby started crying when the mother tried to change her clothes and diaper.

It was then the mother discovered the diaper was covered with blood and it had seeped through the diaper. Doctors at the hospital were very sure that it was caused by a person and urged the mother to lodge a police report.

The 50-year-old suspect was nabbed shortly after the report was made. The police are currently investigating the motive and how it happened.

Parents are urged to be careful with who they trust with their children because a large majority of such cases are not done by strangers, but by people the parents know.

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