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Malaysian Girl Stands Up For Herself After Getting Molested on Bus



Malaysian Girl Got Molested on Her Bus Ride Home from Singapore, Warns Other Girls - World Of Buzz 7
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Recently a Malaysian girl who was working in Singapore related her bad experience when she took a bus home for the weekend to her home in Batu Pahat which quickly went viral.

Yan shares that she’s been working in Singapore for more than 3 years, and will usually take the bus home from Larkin to Batu Pahat. Even though she’s a very cautious person, especially when taking the bus alone, she still had encountered what she did.

“I never thought that I would experienced something similar to what I did today.”

She recalls how she got into the bus and sat down.

I felt someone touch my waist but I didn’t think much of it as I thought it was an accident. I looked behind and there was this guy sitting behind me but couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary so I continued to play with my phone.

“However, I have the habit of falling asleep on the bus and as I was sleeping, suddenly I felt a hand on my chest!

Malaysian Girl Got Molested on Her Bus Ride Home from Singapore, Warns Other Girls - World Of Buzz 1

“Immediately, I woke up and saw that guy beside me. He was shocked when I awoke and quickly scrambled back to his original seat.

Instead of shying away, the brave girl confronted him.

“I turned around and shouted loudly at him, “What are you doing?!” He looked very scared and explained that he was just adjusting the air-con.

“I told him, “You don’t have to stand to adjust the air-con, you can do it while sitting down. Do you also have to be next to me to adjust it?” He denied that he did anything to me and swore that he never touched me. I just replied him and said, “You don’t have to say so much, whether you did touch me or not, later when we arrive, follow me to the police station and you can explain yourself there.”

“I also called my father and told him to come to with my brother to the Batu Pahat Bus Terminal to pick me up.”

Malaysian Girl Got Molested on Her Bus Ride Home from Singapore, Warns Other Girls - World Of Buzz 6

When they reached their stop, the guy made excuses of needing to leave and repeatedly said that his mother was waiting for him there.

Having no bullshit from him, Yan told the driver the story and the driver quickly assisted.

After repeatedly requesting to leave the bus, the driver told him, “If you really didn’t do it, just go along to the police station and the truth will be revealed.”

Another Malay lady was afraid that he would run away when somebody else wanted to get down from the bus so she told him to go back to his seat, but he refused to. That was when a fierce Malay uncle scolded him and ordered him to return to his seat. Kudos to everyone!

Unfortunately, the guy ended up escaping through the emergency exit.

“It happened too fast and we couldn’t react in time.

“He ran very fast but luckily, just the lady who helped me earlier had gotten down from the bus and saw him running and followed suit. Her boyfriend saw her running and gave chase as well.

“At last, they managed to catch him. I had also gotten down from the bus and ran after him but this Chinese man stopped me and asked what happened. When I told him, he told me to give the Malay guy another chance. I answered him, “Uncle, why don’t you allow your daughter to be molested and then ask her to give the guy another chance?” He immediately kept quiet and left.”

Malaysian Girl Got Molested on Her Bus Ride Home from Singapore, Warns Other Girls - World Of Buzz 3

Source: Xin Yan FB

Yan revealed how the guy tried to escape at the police station but to no avail and the policewoman eventually had to put him in lockup to prevent any more attempts.

She ends her post telling all females to be careful and never be quiet in such situations.

“If you ever have a similar experience as me, do not keep quiet and be afraid of speaking out.

“Let the people in the bus know what is happening, so that there are extra eyes helping you keep watch over the alleged perpetrator. Please don’t ask anyone to treat sexual assault as a small issue and ask them not to make a report. Because this is an important matter, and you are not the victim, you wouldn’t understand their feelings.

Girls, be careful out there and always be alert!

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