This Japanese Trend Reveals What Your Fingers Say About Your Dating Life

This Japanese Trend Reveals What Your Fingers Say About Your Dating Life - World Of Buzz 1
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Japanese social media users have buzzed over how finger length can reveal details about your personality and how you approach relationships.

This is probably the easiest way to suss out your crush and how they play the dating game – just look at their fingers!!!

According to RocketNews24, the Japanese separate romantic styles into three categories: nikushokukei, soushokukei, zasshokukei.

Nikushokukei, aka ‘meat eaters’ are known as “the pursuers” and soushokukei, aka vegetarians are known as the pursued” ( kinda like prey vs predator? lol). The last one however is zasshokukei which holds a little of both ‘meat eater’ and ‘vegetarian’ traits.

Nikushokukei are generally more assertive and persistent when courting a mate, and soushokukei typically like to sit back and wait for something to happen.



If your ring finger is longer than your index finger, you probably have some nikushokukei tendencies.

Nikushokukei types are not only assertive in matters of the heart, but also in the work place. They always have to be doing something. Whenever involved in something, they are wholeheartedly involved. They also tend to have a logical approach to things. However, because of their assertiveness, they may be quick to anger.



If your index finger is longer than your ring finger, you’re probably a soushokukei partner!

Soushokukei people tend to wait to be approached. Their hobbies include relaxing and enjoying their time rather than aggressively pursing a goal. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, this just means these people like to take their time when doing their tasks, which a trait also most commonly found in perfectionists. They may tend to be more sensitive. In men, these soushokukei traits may make them come across as more stereo-typically feminine.



Those with fingers the same length are known as classed as Zasshokukei, and tend to be chameleons – taking traits from both nikushokukei and soushokukei types.

Zasshokukei people are free spirits, love a good party and is a regular at social gatherings. However, they can be pretty protective of their freedom, making them hard to pin down as a partner. Make sure not to drag down this chameleon!

Thought predictions will be predictions, where most won’t be highly accurate, it’s still fun to think that there’s these possibilities too tell something from the palm of your hand, finger length, star alignment and whichever methods out there.

What do you think? Did this one somewhat accurately described you?

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